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Recent Media Releases

8 November

Beer's your chance to be crowned Australia's best brew

28 June 

Experts to taste test Australia’s finest wines 

31 May

Raise your glass to Australia’s finest wines

21 May

Queensland home to Australia’s best beef and ice cream 

17 May

Australia’s best dairy products put to the taste test

27 April

Steaks are high when judging Australia’s best beef and lamb 

3 March

Pilsner proves Australia’s best beer

1 March

Who will excel at their craft to be crowned Australia’s best beer? 

22 February

Call for cream of the crop dairy products

10 February

Celebrating Australia's top drops

2 February 

Hunt for Australia’s best beef and lamb brands 

2 September

Hops to it for a chance to be crowned Australia's best beer 

14 July

Darling Downs wagyu crowned Australia’s best steak

6 July 

The hunt for Australia’s best beef and lamb begins

4 March 

Sunshine Coast couple brew Australia’s best beer 

2 March

Thirsty work to crown Australia’s best beer 

24 February

New coffee competition to reward roasters

17 February

Who will be crowned the crème de la crème?

10 February 

Unearthing Australia’s finest wines 

3 February 

Branding Australia's best steak and lamb

28 January  New festival a kingdom of Australia's best beers

29 October 

New beer festival to help find Australia's best brews 

12 July

Pinot Noir crowned Australia's best

1 July 

Australia's wine experts to unearth nation's top drops

24 May

NSW gelato pips Queensland to scoop title of Australia’s best ice cream

20 May 

Australia's best dairy products put to the taste test

7 May

Rare chance to taste nation's top drops and produce 

3 May

Hat-trick of best steak titles for Darling Downs wagyu 

30 April  Record entries in the hunt for Australia's best beef and lamb
13 March  Prost! Gold Coast brewer wins Australia's best beer
11 March  Raising the bar to brew Australia's best beer
25 February   New Chief Judge takes royal wine show throne
18 February  Calling all cream of the crop dairy producers 
11 February  A chance to carve up the title of Australia's best

10 December Déjà Brew! Lager than life hunt for nation’s best beer
13 July  Chardonnay on top as Australia's finest drop 
2 July 'Grape' expectations at judging of Australia's best wines
25 May Curd it be true? Queensland ice cream scoops title of Australia's best
21 May  Camels hope to cream the competition to brie Australia's best 
4 May A marbleous Darling Downs Wagyu wins Australia's best steak for second year
1 May  Australia's best beef and lamb a cut above the rest 
30 April  Exclusive tasting of Australia's finest wines 
19 February  Grate cheese & ice cream to scoop up awards 
9 February  Steaks are high to be branded Australia's best 

11 December  New fellowship to help find nation's finest wines 
26 September  A toast to Australia's best winemaker 
7 July  Chardonnay shines as Australia's finest wine 
26 June  Judging underway to uncork nation's top drops 
26 May  Queensland gelateria whips the field to be Australia's best for second year 
25 May  Get the scoop on Australia's best cheese and ice cream tomorrow
22 May  Dairy products in running to brie Australia's best 
5 May  Darling Downs Wagyu wins nation’s best steak for third year
4 May  Australia’s best beef and lamb titles at steak tomorrow
2 May  Australia’s best beef and lamb ‘meat’ high standards
7 April Be the first to 'cellarbrate' Australia's newest wines 
20 February  Scooping up the nation's cream of the crop 
6 February  Herding up Australia’s best steak and lamb


19 December 

A first look at Australia's top drops 

8 July 

Australia’s finest wine sparkles as it makes history

7 July

Australia’s top drops revealed tomorrow 

27 June 

Judging underway to uncork nation’s best

1 June 

Exclusive tasting of Australia’s new wine vintage

26 May 

Australia’s best beef and lamb to steak their claim tomorrow 

13 May 

Sweet victory! Queensland gelato scoops awards to be Australia’s best

12 May 

Oh Gouda! The nation’s best cheese and ice-cream revealed tomorrow

9 May 

Full cream ahead to crown Australia’s best 

22 March

Australia’s finest wines set to be unearthed

9 February Entries now open into legendairy competitions

17 December David Bicknell takes the helm of the RQWS
3 July Australian Chardonnay’s star continues to rise
2 July Australia’s finest wines unearthed tomorrow
22 June Judging underway to uncork Australia’s finest wines
19 June Student cheese champions conquer again
18 June Crowning our future cheese gurus
10 June Be the first to taste Australia’s new wine vintage
22 May Darling Downs Wagyu crowned Australia’s best steak
21 May Plenty at steak as Australia’s best beef and lamb is crowned
8 May What a scoop! Queensland gelato crowned Australia’s best
7 May Australia’s best cheese and ice-cream set to be crowned
5 May Australia’s cream of the crop is in town
24 March A toast to Australia’s top drops
10 March Australia’s best beef to steak its claim
23 February Legendairy workshops swap chalk for cheese
5 February The perfect time to say cheese
8 July South Australian Chardonnay crowned Australia's best drop
7 July City slickers dominate Queensland's Sausage King Competitions
4 July Sizzling to snag state's best sausage crown
30 June Judging begins on Australia's top drops
13 June Student cheese crowned cream of the crop
12 June Australia's finest drops to be crowned at Royal Queensland Wine Awards
6 June Grass fed reigns supreme with 'world's best steak' crown
4 June Much at steak in the hunt for the nation's best beef and lamb
16 May The crème de la crème of Australian cheese and ice cream revealed
12 May Get the scoop on Australia's best ice-cream and dairy products
1 May Hops to it and get brewing
3 April The search is on for the tastiest, juiciest, mouth watering steak and lamb
28 March The hunt is on for Australia's top drops
27 March Royal Queensland Food & Wine Show Fact Sheet
27 March Royal Queensland Wine Show Fact Sheet - Show Judges
27 March Royal Queensland Wine Show Fact Sheet - Meet Chief Judge PJ Charteris
26 March A sweet treat for Ekka competitors
11 March Cream of the crop – entries now open
17 Feb Brisbane teachers swap their chalk for cheese
29 July Queensland’s cheerio champions and kabana kings crowned
8 July Queensland butchers know how to make top quality snags
5 July Top honours for South Australia’s McLaren Vale and
Adelaide Hills at this year’s Royal Queensland Wine
4 July Sausage King Competition
1 July Royal Queensland Wine Show, supported by Cooper Grace Ward Lawyers
14 June The grass has just become greener at the Royal Queensland Food and Wine Show
11 June Competition beefs up at the Royal Queensland Food
and Wine Show
7 June RQWS Gala Dinner
31 May The future of cheese is in good hands
29 May Royal Queensland Wine Show judging changes
17 May For ice-cream, sorbet and gelato lovers...this is your guide to the best of the best across Australia
17 May Victorian blue crowned Australia's best cheese while local Brisbane gelato wins best ice-cream
10 March Creaming the field to take out Australia's best
11 March RNA Dairy Australia Teachers' Cheesemaking Workshops
11 March RNA Dairy Australia Teachers' Cheesemaking Workshops Fact sheet