Angelo Puglisi 

To many, Angelo Puglisi is the father of the Queensland wine industry.

His business Ballandean Estate Wines, located in Queensland's Granite Belt region, has been making wine for the last 80 years.    

Angelo was instrumental, among other key figures, in establishing a modern wine industry in Queensland beginning in the 1960s when he took the courageous step of planting recognised wine grape varieties. 

Previously wine in Queensland had largely been made from table grapes. Subsequently, Angelo became a leading figure in shaping the Queensland industry, continuously improving grapegrowing and winemaking techniques.

The result is an industry making quality wines that are now recognised throughout the world.

In 1976, Puglisi was awarded a Churchill Fellowship to study overseas wine growing and management techniques and regions. He and his wife Mary also learnt about wine tourism, and returned home with the idea to combine food, wine and events. This development of a wine tourism experience helped shape what has now become a multi-million dollar wine region. 

Angelo’s dream of producing great wines on a consistent basis has been tested by devastating crop disease, flood, drought, hail, frost, bird strike and other animal damage.

The family owned and operated Ballandean Estate Wines welcomes more than 40,000 tourists each year and has been open to the public 363 days a year for the last 48 years. 

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